Alderi is the leading brand of Turkey, specialized in the processing and trade of chrome leather, fresh-salted hides, calcareous hides and crust leather, supplying raw materials to the tanning industry worldwide. Alderi, which has a production capacity of 45 tons per day, exports to more than 20 countries in four continents.

Alderi was established in 1985 as a machinery agency to supply machinery to the raw leather industry. It started to work with International Leather Split Group in 1998 to carry its sectoral experience to a new process with the vision gained by international business relations. It was established by investing in Istanbul Tuzla Leather Organized Industrial Zone. Parallel to its growing business capacity, it started to respond to the demands of the international market by establishing a new factory in Bursa Nilufer Leather Organized Industrial Zone.

Alderi and Lader Deri companies, in partnership with Italian Lamipel SPA, had a great share in making Turkish leathers known and preferred all over the world. Supplying the products needed by the tanning industry all over the world, it is one of the main suppliers of the market with proven quality and reliability for raw hide traders as well as tanneries.

Adhering to the principles of product quality, standard, good price and just-in-time shipment, Alderi offers years of trust with its determined attitude that always stands behind its goods. While providing global supply services around the world, it also creates added value for the country’s economy and provides employment.